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Make Bankruptcy Better with an Attorney

By Brad Woolley | October 12, 2015

Make Bankruptcy Better with a Lafayette, IN Bankruptcy Attorney Bankruptcy attorneys receive calls all the time from people who have tried to take the bankruptcy process into their own hands. If you choose to do this, you can find yourself in trouble that could be quite serious. Even the meeting of creditors, a simple meeting with…

Protecting Your Co-Debtors with Chapter 13

By Brad Woolley | October 4, 2015

Understanding the Automatic Stay when Filing for Bankruptcy As soon as your bankruptcy case is filed, the automatic stay takes effect. The purpose of the automatic stay is simply to protect you from creditors still trying to collect debts. All bankruptcy cases, including Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, have an automatic stay. As you may have guessed, an automatic stay…

Debts from a Closed Business: The Next Step

By Brad Woolley | September 28, 2015

Can You File Bankruptcy Under Chapter 7? If your business has closed and you are contemplating filing bankruptcy, it is likely you would rather file under Chapter 7than Chapter 13. A Chapter 13 merely adjusts debts, while a Chapter 7 can clear things up at a faster pace. After working hard to keep your business running, it is…

Cars and Bankruptcy: The Basics

By Brad Woolley | September 20, 2015

Bankruptcy Trustees and Equity Beyond Exemption When you file a Chapter 7 case, the bankruptcy trustee may care about your vehicle and the equity you have in it. Equity is the value of the vehicle over how much you owe. If this amount is greater than what would be covered by the vehicle exemption, the bankruptcy trustee may have…

Choosing the Better Bankruptcy for You and Your Home

By Brad Woolley | September 11, 2015

To momentarily (but not permanently) stop a foreclosure of your Indiana home, both kinds of consumer bankruptcy will do the job. The task is to find which type of bankruptcy will be better for you in the long-term. The Condensed Answer for Foreclosure in Indiana Before you file bankruptcy, you first need to examine the situation that…

Short Sales as the Best Alternative: The Pros and Cons

By Brad Woolley | September 4, 2015

Pro: You can avoid foreclosure. Short sales do more than just help you leave a Lafayette, Indiana house you can no longer financially handle.  An effective short sale allows you to prevent foreclosure on your credit record. While that is a positive objective, short sales do not exactly look good on your credit record. A creditor is still…


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