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Are you feeling burdened and downcast from the weight of financial debt? Are you dodging phone calls, avoiding emails, and finding it incredibly difficult to live a normal life? We understand. We are here for you. Brad Woolley, bankruptcy lawyer in Rochester, Indiana, has decades of experience helping individuals in thousands of bankruptcy cases. Allow him to walk you through the entire process and help you determine the best course of action during each step.


Bankruptcy filers from Rochester, Indiana and its surrounding communities have filed numerous chapter 7 bankruptcy and chapter 13 bankruptcy with attorney Brad A. Woolley. Over the past 20 years, residents of Rochester have made the trip to Monticello, IN and taken advantage of the free consultation regarding their financial problems and possibly filing bankruptcy. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

bankruptcy lawyer lafayette indiana

Directions for Bankruptcy Filers From Rochester, Indiana

It is an easy drive south on SR 25 then right on SR 16 through Royal Center. Once through Royal Center, you will come to a stop sign because SR 16 takes a right turn North to Buffalo. Do not take the turn, continue straight because SR 16 becomes CR 800 and it will intersect with SR 39 at the second stop sign. There is a small hog farm on the right at the 2nd stop sign. Turn left onto 39 and take it 8 miles to the flashing red stop light at US 24. Turn right onto 24 2 miles into Monticello and then turn left at the first street over the bridge (Bluff St.). There is a small Marathon Station at the corner. The first road that intersects with Bluff is Broadway and you will turn right onto Broadway and go 1/2 block then park and you will see the red brick building with Brad A. Woolley Attorney at Law on the side and door.


"Loads of great information! I would very highly recommend Brad Woolley for anyone thinking about bankruptcy. You will not be disappointed!"


"Attorney Brad Woolley is very smart, extremely informed about chapter 7 bankruptcy law, and clearly communicates in words that I can easily understand: what is going to happen and what I can expect to happen."
-P. Alan R. 


"I have asked many questions and have never been made to feel like I was a bother or that he didn't have time for me!! Thanks so much Brad you are a pleasure!"


"Attorney Woolley is extremely knowledgeable, very personable, and resourceful. I highly recommend contacting his office for a free consultation."
-Quincy C.  

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