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Debt is a lonely place to be if you don’t have an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Demotte, Indiana. That’s why Brad Woolley focuses in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We can remove the boulder of debt that’s weighing you down. You’ll receive peace of mind—as well as overall peace—when the creditors are no longer calling over and over.



You don’t have to drown in the rising tide of debt accumulation. Brad Woolley can throw you a lifejacket, so you can get out of your financial Tyler Ditch and back onto a well-maintained pathway.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Demotte, IN is a good choice if you make good money but have fallen behind in your bills. With Chapter 13, you get to simply restructure and consolidate your debts so you can pay it back at a more leisurely pace. Normally, you can catch up without liquidation of any assets.

A more rigorous approach to debt consolidation is Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If your debts are severe and you don’t make enough money to qualify for Chapter 13, Chapter 7 gives you breathing room from the pressure of creditors while allowing you to liquidate any nonexempt property to cancel out a portion of your debt. If you have no nonexempt assets to liquidate, your creditors will simply get nothing.

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Brad Woolley is driven by the great feeling that comes from helping families and individuals get out of the dark forest of debt and into the wide sweeping plain of financial security. If you need help out of the woods, contact Brad Woolley, your bankruptcy lawyer for Demotte, IN. Then you can go to the Touch of Dutch festival without a worry in your mind.


"Loads of great information! I would very highly recommend Brad Woolley for anyone thinking about bankruptcy. You will not be disappointed!"


"Attorney Brad Woolley is very smart, extremely informed about chapter 7 bankruptcy law, and clearly communicates in words that I can easily understand: what is going to happen and what I can expect to happen."
-P. Alan R. 


"I have asked many questions and have never been made to feel like I was a bother or that he didn't have time for me!! Thanks so much Brad you are a pleasure!"


"Attorney Woolley is extremely knowledgeable, very personable, and resourceful. I highly recommend contacting his office for a free consultation."
-Quincy C.  

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