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Archive for June 2015

Things to Avoid When Filing Bankruptcy

Get the Most Out of Your Bankruptcy in Lafayette, IN When people think bankruptcy, they think about dealing with your debts, and getting a handle on the negative balances.  A financial “fresh start” means more than getting your debt paid off, but also protecting any essential assets. To maximize this crucial benefit of bankruptcy, you should…

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Don’t Rush to File Bankruptcy

How to File for Bankruptcy in Lafayette, IN There are many laws about filing for bankruptcy that are time-sensitive. When you file a case there can be some significant consequences; be sure to visit Lafayette, Indiana bankruptcy attorney Brad A. Woolley. Today we are going to address how timing of a bankruptcy filing can effect what debts can be…

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Options For Your Car In Bankruptcy

If you owe a debt on a vehicle, filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 in Lafayette, Indiana gives you a narrow choice:       Keep it and pay on the contract       Surrender it and owe nothing.   The Bankruptcy Trustee Only Cares about Equity Beyond Any Exemption In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, you are not the only one who is…

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